More on Iranian memo sent in 2003 by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Last night on the Evening News we ran a brief excerpt of an interview conducted with Trita Parsi, now president of the National Iranian American Council, regarding a  memo from the Iranian Government looking to negotiate with the Bush Administration.


That memo has become the focus of attention in the past week, as tension between Washington and Tehran has intensified.


Back in 2003, Parsi was working with Ohio GOP Representative Bob Ney, the now disgraced Congressman who will soon be going to jail in the Jack Abramoff scandal.


But not known about Ney is that he went to Iran in the late 1970’s to teach English, and was the only member of Congress fluent in Farsi before stepping down last year.


Because of that, Parsi says, a memo from members of the Iranian Government in 2003 was sent, via the Swiss Ambassador to Iran, to Congressman Ney.  And Parsi says that the memo was then sent by Ney to Karl Rove, the President’s top policy aide.


Monday morning on WWPR radio out of Bradenton, Parsi discussed the fact that the memo was also sent to the State Department…He says that Colin Powell did not even try to bring it up.  It was also sent to the National Security Agency.  But last week, former NSC head and now Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice denied ever seeing the memo.


On the American AM show yesterday morning, WMNF spoke with Parsi about the now famous memo (roll tape# 1 o.q.”one bullet away from a major conflict”)


That’s Trita Parsi.  He’s the president of the National Iranian American Council.  He spoke yesterday morning on the American AM program hosted by Henry Raines on WWPR in Bradenton….And as you heard, this reporter was on the program as well, asking questions of Dr. Parsi.

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