Anti-war demonstration on Bayshore by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday

Although the media focused on yesterday being the 4th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, today, March 20th, is actually the anniversary in Iraq. 

The bombing began in the middle of the night, Baghdad time, on March 20th, 2003.  

Later this week, House Democrats will move towards a critical vote on Iraq spending legislation.  To some anti-war activists, the bill does not go far enough to try to force President Bush to end the war.  But others say it’s the best option available.

At an anti-war demonstration along Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa, WMNF approached some of the 40 or so participants for their thoughts about the Democrats and the war, 4 months after they took over Congress.  But although many thought the vote was a referendum on bringing the troops home, in fact, there are now MORE troops in Iraq.  (roll tape#1 o.q.”let’s bring peace”)

Tampa resident Kim Allen said she was incredibly disheartened that with President Bush’s surge of troops, the possibility of the war winding down seems as far away as ever.       (roll tape#2 o.q.”pay attention to that”)

Kathy from Tampa said that some Democrats are acting too scared in not pushing for an end to the war (roll tape#3 o.q.”don’t support”0

She said that Democrats – and Republicans in Congress need to stop worrying about what critics might say if they decide to do the one thing they have the power to do that could begin the process of bringing the troops home – that is, cutting the funding for the war (roll tape#4 o.q.”and backing off of it”)

Tampa resident Tony Krisner agrees with supporters of the war that there are no easy answers in pulling U.S. troops out.  Critics of a withdrawal say whatever the level of violence in Iraq now would multiply – and there are those who argue that the initial stages of President’s Bush surge of troops is having some success.  But Krisner says there are plenty of intelligent ways to go about pulling out US Forces (roll tape#5 o.q.”isn’t destroyed’)

Attending Monday’s nights event was Oscar & Norma  Aviles.  Their son, Lance Corporal Andrew Aviles, died in Iraq in 2003.   Mrs. Aviles said she understands why the Democrats haven’t been able to do more to stop the war (roll tape#6 o.q.”    and all”)

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