Earth Day 2007

04/24/07 Mitch E. Perry
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Earth Day 2007


According to the International Energy Agency, China is set to surpass the U.S. as the top emitter of greenhouse gasses this year – much earlier than forecast – because of its rapid economic growth. 


And according to the IEA’s Chief Economist, Fatih Birol, China’s refusal to pout limits on its greenhouse gas emissions will allow them to grow nearly unchecked and will erase gains made anywhere else in the world.


Birol told the Wall Street Journal that China’s growing carbon dioxide emissions, which are derived mainly from its reliance on highly polluting domestic coal, will dwarf any reductions in emissions from Europe, the US and Japan.


Darden Rice is the Cool Cities National Coordinator for the Sierra Club.  The longtime Club member and former St. Petersburg City Council candidate helped coordinate Earth Day events across the country over the weekend.  On Sunday she was at the Earth Day event at Tampa’s Lowry Park, where she told WMNF about the increasing efforts to combat global warming – beginning in Florida with the leadership of Governor Charlie Crist (roll tape#1 o.q.”  that’s startin us in the face”)

 That’s Darden Rice from the Sierra Club.  She’s now the Cool Cities National Coordinator for the Club.  WMNF spoke with her at Sunday’s Earth Day event in Tampa’s Lowry Park.  Please join us tomorrow night on the Evening News, when we’ll from the only public official to speak at Earth  Day in Tampa : City Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena. 

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