Tampa water rates to go up

05/03/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Tampa citizens will soon have to pay more for water bills come in the mail.  That word came down today from the City’s Water Department Director, Brad Baird, who said the drought like conditions are requiring the City to purchase more water from Tampa Bay Water than was originally budgeted for. (roll tape#1 o.q.”a pass thru charge”)


Baird requested that the his department will need 3 ½ million dollars to buy water from Tampa Bay Water.  And he says, depending on whether or not it begins to rain more frequently, that could go up to 5 to 10 million dollars more             .  The City had budgeted only 1 ½ million dollars to buy such water.


Baird said that generally the City has been fortunate  that its primary source for water has been plentiful, but that’s changing (roll tape#2 o.q.”the exception”)


Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena believed that this should be further incentive for the city to encourage citizens to use reclaimed water, particularly because so much usage is for watering lawns (roll tape#3 o.q.”for reclaimed water”)

 Water Director Baird says he’ll return to the Council to specifically request the additional funding to purchase water within 2 to 3 weeks.   Not yet known is the amount of the additional charge or for how long it will be imposed for.

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