Women's Show - CRIS WILLIAMSON - singer, songwriter


Special guests on the Women’s Show – “From a Woman’s Point of View� – this Saturday, November 22nd.Holly Near and Cris Williamson -- two long-time activists for human dignity.The interviews will not focus so much on their past, though they are legends, icons actually, but on their engagement in the world today.We will talk to them about the present -- and I think you will see that their great artistry demonstrates how the present, impossible without the past, sculpts the future.

        Cris Williamson.A pioneer of women’s music, it was Cris Williamson who paved the way for today’s independent women artists who now regularly top the charts.As co-founder of Olivia Records, Cris Williamson helped foster the birth of an entirely new genre of music. 

Singer, songwriter spirit healer, and teacher of the “art of the possible,� Cris Williamson came into prominence in the 1970s with the release of her anthemic album, “The Changer and the Changed.�Today that album stands among the best selling independent albums of all time.

Holly and Cris can be heard in concert December 6th at the Palladium in St. Petersburg.They have just released a new CD, “Chris & Holly.�

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