New Hillsborough Auditor Apologizes for angry memo

06/06/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Hillsborough County’s new internal performance auditor issued a series of ‘mea culpas’ this morning regarding a memo he sent out last week that criticized his hiring process and also include a request for a salary raise.

Jim Barnes sent out a memo to County Attorney Renee Lee and the County’s Human Resource Manager, accusing them of withholding information and not acting in good faith during his hiring.

The issue was brought up this morning by County Commissioner Kevin White, who said that though he’s only been on the Board for about 6 months, he had never seen County staff ‘degraded’ by a fellow employee…..He then summarized what he believed were Barnes’ complaints White then asked Barnes if maybe he just wanted to quit his job as internal performance auditor That prompted Barnes to address the Board – and the apologies began flowing

He then apologized to the Commision

And he said that contrary to the part of the memo where he recommended his salary be raised from $106,800 to $125,000, He really does NOT want a salary increase (

For the most part, the County Commission was accepting of Barnes’ apologies. Commissioner Brian Blair said actually something positive might evolve out of Barnes rant , and he questioned the County’s Human Resources Director as to why Barnes is being paid at the lowest level of his pay scale (roll tape#6 o.q.”best resume I’ve ever seen in my life”)

Some Commissioners also thought that thought that the timing of Barnes idea of reorganizing the Internal Performance Auditor’s office is perhaps not the best, as the Commission is coping with potentially major budget cuts.

Commmissioner Rose Ferlita told Barnes that at times, she’s been known for speaking directly – perhaps, too directly….However

Barnes thanked the Board for their vote of confidence in him, and said he’d continue to work at a level ‘beyond 150%”.

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