Live Earth event in Tampa

07/06/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Live Earth, The 24 hour, 7 continent series of televised concerts to bring further attention to the climate crises, begins in less than 4 hours, from Sydney, Australian.

Conceived by producer and entrepreneur Kevin Wall, who was inspired by Al Gore’s Oscar winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, the environmental musical concert will then begin in Tokyo at Midnight Eastern time, followed by Shanghai, Hamburg, London, Johansbeg, East Rutherford New Jersey, and then Rio De Janiero, with artists donating their performing time and all proceeds going to Gore’s non-profit Alliance for Climate Protection.

Wall says the concerts are just the beginning of a movement to reverse global climate change. (roll tape# 1 o.q.”attach it to a message”)

Al Gore says the concert is global , because the problem is global (roll tape#2 o.q.”not solve this alone”)

An extra city was added to the world wide lineup today. Washington DC will now host a segment beginning at 10:30 tomorrow morning, with Gore kicking off the show, which will feature country artists Garth Brooks and Trisha Yarwood performing at the Washington Mall.

The issue of how to combat climate change is a dominant issue in the world – and people are looking at Washington DC for results.

California Democrat Barbara Boxer, the Chair of the Environment & Public Works Committee, said today that the movement on Climate Change on Capitol Hill has been startling in just the past few months..

Boxer said that she has had deep conversations with members of the Bush Administration on how to combat climate change, and disagrees that technology can solve the problems, without controls on carbon emissions (roll tape#3and, in the long run”)

Jerome Ringo is the President of the Apollo Alliance, a non profit that advocates clean energy and good jobs. …(roll tape#4 o.q.”mission to the moon”)

And Ringo,who is Black, responded to a question on a conference call about how Climate Change is supposed to affect people of color (roll tape#4B “

Both XM and Sirius Radio will be broadcasting every minute of every stage of the concerts on different channels….While Bravo and the Sundance Channel will also be broadcasting the concert on television. NBC will air 3 hours of coverage tomorrow night from 8 to 11 PM…..

The liberal group MoveOn.Org is also involved…They have organized house parties across the world for people to watch the concerts, and also to watch the Democratic candidates for president discussing how they would combat global warming.

Eli Pariser is with MoveonOrg. (roll tape#5 o.q.”to Boise, Idaho”)

Pariser says MoveOn members have already submitted questions to the candidates via video hookup (roll tape#6 o.q.”it’s about new leadership”)

There will be Town Hall Meetings throughout the Tampa Bay Area as well.

Deb Hedding is a local coordinator with MoveOn.Org. She’ll be at an event at Hawks Bar in South Tampa (roll tape#7 o.q.”hope to see folks out there”)

California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer says its important to note that the drive to reduce carbon emissions can actually be GOOD for the economy. To buttress her argument, she quoted the British Secretary of state for the Environment, David Miliband (roll tape#8 o.q.” grew to over 500,000 jobs”)

And again, the Live Earth series of concerts begins tonight in Australia in just a few hours.

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