Eve Prang Plews Talks Nutrition

07/23/07 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday) | Listen to this entire show:

Eve Prang Plews is a licensed nutritionist (licensed from the Florida State Board of Medicine). She has a practice in Sarasota and she hosts a radio program on WSLR-FM, Sarasota's community radio station. In this interview Plews took calls and e-mails from listeners on a variety of health issues. fullspectrumhealth.com

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owner of a cleaning co.

Please send me all the info. on Chemtrails that you have. I just found you on a local station but I don't have the chance to listen.I don't know if chemtrails haven been discussed or not but I have pictures,many. I live in the Tampa area. Thanks,Wanda DiGiulio