"Ask Mitt Anything" event doesn't last long

08/07/07 Mitch E. Perry & Sean Kinane
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Mitt Romney is expected to get a boost in his campaign this weekend.

The Iowa Straw Poll is this weekend, and the former Massachusetts governor is expected to win that non-binding vote – partly because he’s worked hard and is doing well in polls there. And his toughest competitors, Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, and Fred Thompson, aren’t participating.

Last night, Romney appeared before approximately 300 people packed into the ballroom of the West Tampa restaurant La Teresita.

Instead of going after some of those name Republicans that he needs to surpass to win the nomination, Romney is bashing Democrats – first John Edwards and then Barack Obama.

On the economy, he took on Hilary Clinton, depicting her as a Communist.

After his 15-minute stump speech it was time, as the event had been labeled, to ask “Mitt Anything.” But only 6 questions were asked - in part it was suggested because of a problem with air conditioning in the venerable restaurant’s ballroom.

First up was Corky Stern of Largo, who asked whether Romney favor bringing back the draft? Rommey said no, but he does want to significantly beef up the military.

When asked about Iraq and the troop buildup, Romney quoted the Brookings Institute’s Kenneth Pollock and Michael O’Hanlon’s op-ed in the New York Times last week saying that the surge is working right now. He said it would be wrong to leave anytime soon.

A recent Poll finds Romney with a strong lead in the all important state of Iowa, home of the Caucus come January. He’s also doing well in New Hampshire.

Teresa Choquette is an undecided voter, who came to La Teresita to check out Romney. She said she liked what she knows of Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts, but said she would be unhappy if Romney blows off the GOP You Tube Debate, tentatively scheduled for next month.

Romney currently is behind Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson in most Florida polls. He says that will change as he continues to campaign in Florida.

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