Romney, Sanchez weigh in on Barack Obama

08/21/07 Mitch E. Perry
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As predicted, Mitt Romney criticized Barack Obama today.

In a statement, Romney said: "Sen. Barack Obama continues to demonstrate through his words that he does not have the strength to confront America's enemies or defend our values.

"First, Sen. Obama said he would make it a priority to meet with Castro in his first year in office. Now, he's proposing that we begin to lift sanctions against the Castro regime.

"Unilateral concessions to a dictatorial regime are counterproductive, helping to secure a succession of power and repression instead of a transition to freedom. They will only embolden those who cling to power at the expense of the Cuban people.

"We must not weaken our policy on Cuba until the Castro regime is dismantled, all political prisoners are freed and Cubatransitions to free and fair elections," Romney said.

Frank Sanchez is an advisor and local fundraising chairman for the Barack Obama campaign in the Tampa Bay area. Sanchez says he provided some thoughts and opinions on the Cuba issue with Obama in crafting today’s op-ed, and he says the response from Mitt Romney shows that the GOP candidate is sadly out of touch on the issue.

Although Obama is extremely competitive in the all-important first voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, he trails Hillary Clinton in most national polls, as well as here in Florida.

In an article published today by the Associated Press, the 46-year-old freshman senator from Illinois said that the clock is ticking on his chance to surmount that "certain threshold" and convince voters he's ready for the White House.

"The challenge for us is to let people know what I've accomplished at a time when the campaign schedule is getting so compressed," Obama said. "I just don't have much time to make that case."

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