Pinellas schools on verge of resegregation?

10/24/07 Robert Lorei
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Pinellas School Board members are holding a series of hearings on a new student assignment plan that some people think will result in the re-segregation of Pinellas schools.

For the first time in about three decades, Pinellas is no longer under a federal desegregation order. So, as busing for integration ends, the school board is considering a new school assignment plan.

Some Board members want to return to neighborhood schools, but others in the community fear that will result in resegregation.

The sides in this issue are not clear cut. Some black and white parents support the neighborhood school concept. Other groups of black and white parents fear this will lead to segregated schools in Pinellas. Joining us now is Gypsy Gallardo who is a community activist in St. Petersburg and editor and publisher of The Power Broker Magazine.

To contact Gypsy Gallardo, call (727) 866 0873.

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