Richard Perle: Part of America's permanent government?

11/14/07 Robert Lorei
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According to Alan Weisman's publisher: "At nearly every pivotal moment in international affairs over the past 25 years, if you dug deeply you would find a figure just behind the scenes influencing the action: Richard Perle.

In Prince of Darkness, Alan Weisman reveals Perle’s controversial dealings and describes how he helped fuel an explosion of terrorism worldwide. Perle submitted to interviews and granted the author access to current and former colleagues, primary materials, photographs and deep, critical insight into Perle’s method and mindset.

Weisman exposes this major political figure who prefers to operate behind the scenes, eschewing senior cabinet appointments and other high-profile roles.

Our guest, Alan Weisman is a former producer for 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, and the CBS Evening News. During his tenure at CBS, he covered the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Falklands War, the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster; produced and wrote segments including "The Last Survivor of 9/11” and “The Fall of Baghdad”; and worked with Charlie Rose, Charles Osgood, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite. He is also the author of Lone Star: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Dan Rather.

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