Report: Floridians need more tax reform

11/20/07 Mitch E. Perry
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A study released today by 2 Miami-based social service organizations shows just how much Floridians pay for housing, healthcare, childcare and other basic needs, and how in many cases, it simply isn’t enough.

The Human Services Coalition along with the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade, produced the report, called Blueprint for Prosperity: 2007 Self Suffiency Standard.

Diana Pearce, author of the report, said the standard was somewhat similar to what is referred to as the Federal Poverty Level.

Pearce says if you’re making minimum wage in some of Florida’s wealthier counties, you are barely getting by.

Sophie Brion is from the Women’s Fund of Miami Dade County. She said the report has profound implications for one of the largest growing groups in Florida, single mothers.

Brion said that a single mother with two kids in Miami would, even after getting as much public assistance as possible, would still need to make at least $10 an hour.

The report calls for meaningful tax reform, an increase for public support programs and ensuring that all Floridians have access to safe and affordable housing.

To view the report, you can go to the Human Services Coalition’s website.

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