Activist discusses today's MidEast Peace Conference

11/27/07 Robert Lorei
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In Annapolis, Maryland, today the Bush administration is sponsoring the first Middle East peace conference since it came to power in 2001.

After years of relative inaction, President Bush has brought world leaders together - including the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians – with an ambitious goal: to reach a peace deal before Bush leaves office in January 2009.

The latest news is that Israeli and Palestinian leaders have reached agreement on a joint document intended to launch new negotiations toward creation of an independent Palestinian state.

Opening the conference just two hours ago, President Bush said that the parties had agreed to begin formal negotiations next month with the aim of reaching a peace agreement before the end of next year.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said a peace deal with Israel should ensure that Palestinians have East Jerusalem as their capital. Abbas also called for a halt to Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories.

We’re joined now by Rabbi Scott Weiner, who is a national board member of the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace. He serves as the spiritual leader of the Hebrew Tabernacle Congregation in New York City.

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