Media critic analyzes GOP debate

11/30/07 Mitch E. Perry
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Conservative bloggers continue to bash CNN today, after the cable news network admitted it dropped the ball during Wednesday night’s GOP debate by allowing Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr to ask about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell“ policy banning open gays from the military.

Shortly after the debate it came to light that Kerr is a member of an LGBT group associated with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Critics say Kerr was not the only questioner with a liberal bias who was chosen to ask questions. In her syndicated column today, Michele Malkin writes that internet sleuths have uncovered no fewer than five other Democratic activists whose videos were chosen to air by CNN over the weekend.

But the Los Angeles Times reported today that the Democratic YouTube debate televised by CNN back in July included at least 2 citizen interrogators with clear GOP leanings.

St. Petersburg Times media reporter Eric Deggans says CNN should be embarrassed about what happened.

Deggans writes in his blog that he’s not certain who the winner was Wednesday night, but one loser was moderator Anderson Cooper.

After the debate, reporters and surrogates for the candidates and some of the candidates entered what is known as the Spin Room to comment.

As Deggans notes, nowhere was there a bigger conglomeration of cameras, microphones and notepads than in front of action movie star Chuck Norris, who is supporting Mike Huckabee.

Deggans says many of the reporters in the room have been covering this campaign for nearly two years, and the appearance of a celebrity like Norris was a novel act that most of them couldn’t resist.

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