Romney tours Moffitt Cancer Center

01/23/08 Seán Kinane
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With less than a week to go before Floridians vote on who they want to be the presidential nominees in the two major political parties, Republican candidates are campaigning heavily in the state.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was on the University of South Florida campus today touring the Moffitt Cancer Center and speaking to Moffitt employees. Romney said he stands a good a chance of becoming president because he appeals to all types of conservatives.

One direct benefit Romney has gained from Fred Thompson dropping out of the race for president is that former Thompson supporter Senator Thad Cochran is now a part of the Romney team.

Romney said his executive experience makes him a better candidate for president than Sen. John McCain.

“We want to have a person that knows how to make difficult decisions and actually lead in a time of great need.”

Romney repeated his desire to increase the size of the U.S. military. The disastrous American economy, Romney said, could affect the country’s military.

While at Moffitt, Romney touted the health care plan he instituted as governor of Massachusetts where he forced all residents to purchase private health insurance. He claimed it brought down the cost of insurance to around $2,100 per year, per person.

Romney also toured some Moffitt research labs.

Bjorn Holmstrom, an assistant professor at Moffitt, said he is not registered to vote, but he listed issues he finds important for a presidential candidate.

Maggie Mendez is a research program associate at Moffitt. She said she has not yet made up her mind who she will vote for in Tuesday’s Republican primary, but is now considering Romney.

Pat Criswell, an executive assistant at Moffitt, said she plans to vote, but is still undecided.

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