Protesters mark Iraq War anniversary

03/19/08 Emily Reddy
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About 250 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse in Tampa this evening for a rush-hour protest of the Iraq War. Today is the five year anniversary of the start of the conflict.

For many gathered in downtown Tampa today, it was just one more in a long succession of actions against the Iraq War.

Chris Ernesto has been protesting the war in Iraq with St. Pete for Peace once or twice a week since the war began. Along with the reasons they’ve always had for opposing the war, protestors are seizing on economic concerns as yet another reason to end the war in Iraq.

Don McKeating and many other protestors are members of local Veterans for Peace chapters. Ronald Deaton is a Vietnam War veteran. Deaton said he is worried this war will have a similar impact on the soldiers who fought in it. He also stressed the economic impact that the Iraq War is having on the United States.

Awatef Elmohd fled Kuwait in the days leading up to the first Gulf War. Her son and two other children lay on a tarp surrounded by shoes representing Iraqis killed in the war. A sign next to them read “Cry for Iraq.”

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