Meat Out asks USF students to veg out

03/20/08 Seán Kinane
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A local group promoting an end to animal cruelty passed out information today at the University of South Florida in Tampa. They asked students to give up meat just for today, National “Meat Out” Day.

Nikki Benoit is the Outreach Coordinator for Florida Voices for Animals, a nonprofit education organization. People concerned with climate change should take a pledge to give up meat for a day, according to Benoit.

Colleen Mulcahey is a staff member and student at USF. She helped pass out information to students about Meat Out.

Students were shown a video called “Meet Your Meat” about cruel practices in large-scale animal agriculture. They were also given booklets called “Guide to Cruelty Free Eating” with vegetarian recipes and asked to take a “veg pledge” of a meat-free diet for one day.

USF student Andrew Johnson said he eats a diet that is almost vegetarian. He got information about the possibility of going fully vegetarian.

Brian MacNamara is a graduate student in political science at USF. He said he was probably going to eat a vegetarian diet on Thursday anyway, so he signed up to take the “veg pledge.”

But not all students were moved to temporarily give up meat. Dustin Harper, a senior psychology and religious studies major, was among the holdouts.

Benoit said when she asked people on campus to give up meat for the day, the reactions were mostly polite, if not entirely receptive.

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