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04/24/08 Seán Kinane
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Large_305 today released the results of opinion polling saying that many Floridians blame America’s economic troubles on the occupation of Iraq.

Twenty-five people gathered in the West Tampa office of the Florida Consumer Action Network (FCAN) for the release of the Iraq and Recession Report. Following the release, MoveOn members delivered it to the local offices of senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez.

Jason Palermo, a program organizer with FCAN, said the results of the survey point out that Floridians want investment in domestic programs instead of spending more money on the occupation of Iraq.

According to the report, 70 percent of Floridians said they worry “a lot” about the economy and 71 percent say that a countrywide recession would hurt Florida’s economy “a great deal.” Floridians also think that the country’s economic problems are due to in large part to the costly occupation of Iraq. Half of Floridians surveyed said that pulling out of Iraq would help the economy “a great deal.”

Seventy percent of Floridians said that money going to the Iraq war should be invested in the U.S. instead, while only 26 percent would continue to put that money into the occupation of Iraq.

Doug Tudor is a retired Navy veteran who served as the administrative aide for three commanders of U.S. Central Command, Gen. Tommy Franks, Gen. John Abizaid and Admiral William Fallon. He has traveled to the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan more than 30 times.

“America’s military involvement in Iraq’s civil war must end," Tudor said. "For too long now, this president has ignored the will of the American people. For too long now, families have been asked to pay too high of a price. For too long now, we have wasted our nation’s resources in blood and treasure.”

Tudor is running as a Democrat for Congressional District 12, the office currently held by Bartow Republican Adam Putnam. He called on the leaders of his party, who hold majorities in both houses of Congress, to listen to the people and end the occupation of Iraq. hired SurveyUSA to conduct a telephone survey of 635 registered voters in Florida. Similar surveys were done in all 50 states. The results were released in more than 100 places across the country on Thursday.

Following the press conference, MoveOn members delivered a summary of the report to the Tampa offices of Sen. Bill Nelson and Sen. Mel Martinez.

WMNF attempted to speak with Martinez but his Tampa and Washington, D.C., staff said he was not available. They declined to comment beyond saying they would show Martinez the survey.

Sen. Nelson’s office did not respond to WMNF’s request for comment.

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