Workshop held on Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan

05/02/08 Seán Kinane
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This morning on the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus, city employees, USF researchers and others gathered to discuss ideas for Tampa’s future. The purpose was to identify research priorities relating to the city’s draft Comprehensive Plan, which will be finalized later this year.

Judi Jetson, director of the USF Collaborative for Children, Families & Communities, told WMNF about the purpose of the workshop she organized.

Cyndy Miller is Tampa’s director of growth management and development services. She spoke about the risks of making plans that are not carefully executed.

The draft of Tampa’s new Comprehensive Plan is a 500-page document that was written after talking with thousands of people who live and work in the city, according to Terry Cullen. Cullen leads the Cities Planning Team of the Planning Commission and said that the people of Tampa are looking for a future based on the "livable communities movement."

One major way to get to a livable city is by practicing sustainability, Cullen said.

The 50 or so participants split into groups to brainstorm ideas about what research is needed to plan for Tampa’s future. The six small group discussions focused on children and families, environmental protection, economic prosperity, neighborhoods, local leadership and transportation.

Cullen emphasized the necessity of mass transit involving rail in Tampa.

It was a productive process that achieved results, according to Jetson.

The Tampa City Council will hold a public hearing on June 26 with the purpose of transmitting the draft Comprehensive Plan to the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

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