Clinton supporters urged to get behind Obama

06/11/08 Mitch E. Perry
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In the aftermath of the divisive battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, many Clinton supporters - women in particular - have expressed anger at the media, the Democratic Party and the rules which allowed Barack Obama to gain more delegates though he did not win most of the big states.

But that’s not reflected in a new gallup poll, which shows Obama has moved into a double digit lead over John McCain among women since Clinton conceded last week.

Today, a couple of major Clinton female supporters spoke on a conference call to declare that Clinton supporters should not support John McCain in the fall, despite the hard feelings that still remain.

Ellen Malcolm is the founder of Emily’s List, a political action committee dedicated to electing pro-choice women to office.

Among those issues are women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, and universal pre-kindergarten education, which the presumptive GOP candidate does not support.

Bitter comments about Barack Obama were voiced by some Hillary Clinton supporters, most famously after the Democratic National Committee’s meeting on dealing with the delegates of Florida and Michigan two weeks ago. But that dissatisfaction does not appear to be reflected in current polls.

Anna Greenburg is senior vice president with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. She cited a new Gallup survey, along with her own polling, that shows despite the intensity of Clinton supporters vowing to support John McCain or stay at home in November, Barack Obama is doing as well as Bill Clinton was with women voters in the 1990’s, and better than the last Democratic candidate for president.

Greenberg says Obama is leading among college educated women by 22 points, and unmarried women by 30 points.

One of Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters in Florida was Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who represents parts of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. She says she understands as well as anyone the raw feelings left over from the most contested primary season in history, but says most female supporters will ultimately support Barack Obama in November.

Recently former Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton, decrying the sexism that occurred during her campaign. Freedman suggested that Clinton could lead a national conversation on gender, and suggested other female politicians, like Wasserman-Schultz, could join her.

Freedman also mentioned that Clinton should not rely on Nancy Pelosi, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who all supported Obama.

Emily’s List founder Ellen Malcolm said there was tremendous anger with the media for what she called "blatant" sexism.

The statistical information isn’t all positive for Obama. He’s losting among older, blue-collar, white women to John McCain by 19 point. Pollster Anna Greenberg says that’s the same amount that John Kerry lost those voters to President Bush. These are some of the swing voters on whom the election will hinge.

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No vote

What do you care how Hillary supporters feel or what will they do?? You have not until now, so why change that. I'm sitting this one down. I will not vote for Obama, but neither will I vote for McCain.

No support

Obama disrespected Sen. Clinton and the campaign tactics of himself and his surrogates sabotaged her campaign. Obama did not get the nomination fair and square. He clinched a stolen nomination with the FL and MI shenanigans, and de facto Obama surrogate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rigged the nomination for him. Sen. Clinton's heroic fight for the future of America showed commitment, tenacity, courage and fortitude that stood up to the enormous, crushing challenges. But she had no chance of getting the nomination because the nomination was rigged against her. HRC supporters cannot lump this outcome and "get behind Obama." HRC supporters reject the ruthlessness of Obama and the corrupt and rigged Democratic Party in swiping the nomination from Sen. Clinton. The fear mongering and the bashing of John McCain is tactical futility to dissipate the protest of HRC supporters. There should be no fear of McBush because a Democratic Congress will parry any "third term of Bush" and protect women's issues until 2012. In 2012, Sen. Clinton will be the presidential candidate to get America back on track. With the coerced exit of Sen. Clinton, HRC supporters were given the only viable choice to support John McCain. HRC supporters will not surrender to the cult powers of Obama. HRC supporters should campaign and vote for McCain in swing states Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. A loss in any two swing states means Obama's defeat in November. I will volunteer and vote for McCain in a swing state. Obama is inexperienced and unqualified; he is an unelectable radical left wing liberal and a nominee lacking legitimacy. A potential positive outcome from Obama's crushing defeat in November could be radical reform of the Democratic primary process that eliminated superdelegates, caucuses, and the proportinal allocation system.


HRC has a hundred million dollars, a job in the US Senate, two mansions, fully staffed, of course. She's been respected, excessively respected. Nobody wins by being a martyr. Let's just calm down. If you'd like to vote for McCain, go ahead. But don't think your tantrums are punishing anybody.