Prosecutor: Try Bush on murder charges

06/17/08 Robert Lorei
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Good Afternoon, Welcome to Radioactivity. Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Watergate break-in at Democratic Party offices in Washington. The crime and the subsequent coverup by members of the Nixon administration led to the resignation of the president two years later.

Some are wondering about the conduct of the Bush administration – which led our country into an invasion of Iraq- whether the administration was truthful in leading the country into a costly war, and whether the administration should be held accountable for its actions.

Vincent Bugliosi is a former prosecutor who successfully prosecuted 21 murder convictions without a single loss. His previous bestselling books include Helter Skelter about the Charles Manson case, which he successfully prosecuted.

Bugliosi has authored the just-released The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. In his book, he presents incontrovertible evidence that George W. Bush knowingly and deliberately took this nation to war on a lie, under false pretenses, and is therefore guilty of murder. He joins us live.

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