Hillsborough garbage dispute resurfaces

06/17/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Last year, a battle between three large trash hauling companies and smaller mom-and-pop operations as to who could pick up garbage in the unincorporated parts of Hillsborough County ultimately led to courtrooms.

Some of the raw feelings around the issue resurfaced today when the County Commission heard of a new ordinance that would mandate that those smaller trash companies come into the same compliance as the three larger waste management companies.

Commissioner Al Higgenbotham, who was a supporter of the smaller trash companies in last year’s battle, passionately attacked the idea of more regulation for them today. Higgenbotham said the idea of taxing these companies more was a slap in the face and disrespectful.

But Commissioner Jim Norman disagreed with Higgenbotham on the issue. Norman called it a matter of public safety, and said all trash hauling companies in the county should play by the same rules.

Commissioner Rose Ferlita, who brought up the issue, said she sympathized with both arguments. But she countered that the Commission was not being called upon to make a decision at this meeting.

Commissioner Brian Blair said he was standing right behind Higgenbotham.

The Board then voted for the county’s legal staff to research the issue and then come back to them with a new ordinance on the monetary amounts for fines for the independent trash haulers.

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