Toytown landfill site sold to developers

07/01/08 Concetta DeLuco and Seán Kinane
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The Pinellas County Commission today approved the sale of the Toytown landfill site to a trio of developers. The site could even be the future location of a new stadium for the Rays.

Last week the Rays plans for a waterfront stadium were put on hold. Robert Stewart, chairman of the Pinellas County Commission, asked one of the three partners that will develop the site, whether the Toytown site might be an alternative stadium location.

Another development partner is the Industrial Realty Group. Their president, Stuart Lichter, has developed several brownfield projects, which are sites with environmental contamination that need cleanup.

The developers, who formed the Florida Gateway Development LLC for this project, provided an overview of the tentative plans proposed for the Toytown property at Interstate 275 and Roosevelt Boulevard. Along with an adjacent 300 acres, the new site would be called “The Villages at Gateway Fields” and would include office space, retail shops, a hotel, a residential village, and new parks and facilities.

Bill Tipman, vice president of Mountain Sky Group, one of the development partners, discusses the Toytown project and the effect it could have on Pinellas County. Matt Daniels, the CEO of Bear Creek Capital, is the third development partner.

Pinellas County Director of Economic Development Mike Meidel listed the several possible outcomes and benefits that the development of Toytown would have.

Several factors will determine whether the plan proposed by the developers will be possible.

A due diligence period of one year will run from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009; it has been set aside to explore the feasibility of redeveloping the landfill site.

Photo by: Seán Kinane/WMNF

Industrial Realty Group

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