Dr. Sizer talk on Christian Zionism

09/25/08 Doris Norrito
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World renowned expert on Christian Zionism Dr. Rev. Stephen Sizer spoke on Monday evening at USF on the topic "American Apocalypse: Are we too anxious for Armageddon?"

Christian Zionism advocates that God decreed that the Jewish people have a divine right to possess the land of Palestine based on Bible interpretation and Old Testament prophecies. They believe the right of the Jewish people is being fulfilled today in the present state of Israel.

Sizer is an Anglican minister, vicar of Christ Church in the United Kingdom, and author of books on the subject. He said the theology of Christian Zionism and the U.S. support of Israel has a strong impact on the Middle East conflict and plays an important part in the politics of the Middle East and the expenditure of tax monies that support Israel.

Sizer gave a historical background beginning in the 1800s showing how Euopean nations worked to further Zionist agenda and U.S. involvement.

He said Israel has been the subject of more resolutions than any other in the world. The right of Palestinians to return, reparations and the building of a wall were declared illegal by the U.N.

U.S. presidents have supported Zionist prophecy and were strongly influenced by pressure from the AIPAC lobby.

Sizer was asked if other faiths support Christian Zionists in belief about the end of the world prophecy. He said he was sickened by a vision supported by Christians and some world leaders calling for support of invasions in order to fulfill God’s plan. He showed the timeline available on the Web for Armageddon, the end time and a view of the future. It can be found on the Internet by searching under Rapture Ready. He spoke about reasons for support of Israel.

Political candidates running for election avoid discussion of their position on Middle East policy. Sizer advised that voters ask candidates direct questions. Examples can be found on the Web site CME.org.

Sizer concluded with a summary of the Christian Zionist vision of God’s Plan and the dilemma faced by Israel.

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Christian zionism does not call for war. Christians are not anxious for Armageddon. True Christians are anxious for the return of Christ which follows Armageddon. Big difference.