Africa-American Advisory Board meets

10/10/08 Mark Anderson
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On Oct. 9, the Hillsborough County Elections Office African-American Advisory Board hosted its second community forum to discuss issues facing voters in the Nov. 4 election.

The African-American Advisory Board was formed earlier this year, and had its first meeting last summer. Last night, approximately 25 citizens attended the educational session. The concerns voters raised were in three areas: issues with the new format of voter information cards; the new state “No Match, No Vote” law; and concerns over the potential for slow, congested polls on Nov. 4.

At the first Advisory Board meeting Tuesday night, Buddy Johnson, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, was strongly criticized for deleting polling place addresses on newly reformatted voter information cards.

Citizens also expressed concern that the new State “No Match, No Vote” law may render many newly registered voters unable to cast their vote. Kathy Harris, chief of staff and general counsel for the Elections Office, described how the new law works, and how her office is dealing with this issue.

Ultimately, the goal of the elections office is an inclusive, timely election experience, she said.

According to African-American Advisory Board member Andrew Frazier, major progress is being made on these issues, and the result is success in recruiting new voters.

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