Health care advocates protest McCain plan

10/21/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Today in Tampa, across the street from the Hillsborough County offices of the John McCain campaign, approximately 10 people stood with signs, protesting Sen. McCain’s health care plan.

They came together in a press event organized by the group Healthcare United, which bills itself as a national movement of healthcare workers working to make caregivers’ voices heard on health care issues.

Jessica Low is the Florida Lead Organizer for the HealthCare United campaign. She said she wanted to talk about McCain’s plan, which she labeled a risk to employer-based healthcare in this country.

But the McCain camp calls that a "desperate attack" by the Obama campaign. According to McCain campaign’s website, the credit goes to the insurance company that the American family chooses to get coverage from, anywhere in the nation. The power of choice lies with the family, not government bureaucrats or insurance companies.

Also, on hiis website, McCain says he will work with governors to develop a best practice model that states can follow that would reflect the best experience of the states to ensure those patients have access to health coverage. The site says his plan would have have "reasonable" limits on premiums, and assistance would be available for Americans below a certain income level.

But Jessica Low with HealthCare United says she has her doubts about that.

Despite their criticism of the McCain plan, Healthcare United has not endorsed Barack Obama for president. But the group is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed the Democrat.

Low says her group thinks Obama’s proposal is closer to what they believe in, which is to give people healthcare benefits similar to one that’s available to federal employers.

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