Interview with presidential candidate Ralph Nader

10/28/08 Robert Lorei
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Today on WMNF's Radioactivity we heard an interview with Ecology Party President Ralph Nader. He'll be speaking at a campaign rally tonight at the Cuban Club in Tampa's Ybor City at 6:30 p.m.

Nader talked about the reasons he he is running, why the Green Party failed to blossom after his 2000 race, how to grow a third party, his issues with the Democratic Party, what he thought of the Wall Street bailout, the war in Iraq, health care and the World Series.

For more information, visit Vote Nader.

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Bailout and more

We must vote against every person that voted FOR the bailout. This includes Obama and McCain. Vote Ralph Nader for President.


Today on your 1PM show, I caught about ten minutes of call-ins during a quick lunch @ St. Lukes Clinic, where until this week, when we began showing our own infomercials, we had to listen to Foxnotnews, ['snotnews], nonstop all day long. I heard one of your callers call Ralph Nader a crackpot, i think. Others have called him self indulgent. I call him Principled. And those slings are borne from only those who either aren't paying attention, are naive, or are new to the National political scene. Relentless consistency, unwavering honor, and selflessness is what i have seen of the man many have convolutedly called selfish. They may be angry Al Gore, whom i admire [also, his dad whom i remember being courageous during the civil rights revolution], folded a winning hand in 2000. Or see Nader as a spoiler when i see him as Don Quixote. In circa1973 I helped bring Nader to University of Hawaii at Hilo. This was after his success at revealing the very simple solution to the danger, actually slaughter, of driving automobiles,.. the seatbelt. It was fought continually for years by the Auto Industry. Why? Because they cost a few dollars to install, and the Yankee Ingenuity of WWII had long after been replaced by Quarterly Profits, and long before Gordon Gekko declared to the Reagan Revolution that "Greed is God". I was stunned by Nader's asceticism and eagreness to create an inclusive national organization in the form of the PIRGs, providing a mechanism for student and citizen action. With all its accomplishments, that response was weak compared to the organization of the Right in the 1980s. So after thirty years of being the antithesis of a politician, he ran. No one knows better the odds of a third party candidate in the USA's rigged "duopoly". The man is plain and simple...a martyr. " Crackpot" ??? God bless him. Christopher L. Potter