Gay rights advocates protest passage of Amendment 2

11/11/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Last week, Floridians approved a measure that will ban same-sex marriage in Florida.

Today an activist group calling itself JusticeFirst Florida held a news conference in Broward County. They say the amendment’s passage will not silence them or their support for same-sex marriage.

John Peter Daily is a coordinator with the Justice First coalition.

Charles Martin is with the National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition. He says he was not surprised that the measure passed as easily as it did.

In the weeks before the election, stories surfaced that the heavy black turnout for Barack Obama in the Sunshine State would enhance the success of Amendment 2. That’s because many in the black community – though registered Democrat – have conservative views on social issues.

Martin said he disliked that narrative, saying it allows the media to perpetrate divisions.

In California, three lawsuits have been filed with that state’s Supreme Court asking it to stop the state from enforcing the Proposition 8 until the court has decided on its constitutionality. The suits aim to undo the measure on grounds that, under the equal protection clause in the state's constitution, a majority of voters are not allowed to revoke equal rights intended for everybody.

There have also been nearly nightly protests throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles against the measure.

Gay marriage advocates in Florida have kept a much lower profile, but say they will soon begin a directed effort to protest the amendment’s passage.

The JusticeFirst Coalition plans to hold a protest against the passage of Amendment 2 this weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

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