Progress Energy asks for rate decrease

02/12/09 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Progress Energy announced today they are making another request for rate changes to the state’s Public Service Commission. But this time, they’re asking for a decrease, not an increase. Tim Leljedal, a spokesperson for Progress Energy spoke with WMNF today.

State Senator Mike Fasano wrote a letter to Florida Public Service Commission Chair Matthew Carter requesting that the PSC “take up the issue as soon as possible [so] that the cost savings will be realized in March of this year.”

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Progress Energy's rate decrease is not enough. Progress Energy should loose it's franchise and be banned from this state. Forcing consumers to pay for a nuclear facility is unconstitutional. The consumers are not banks. And the reason they are going to the consumers is because wall street banks won't loan money for nuclear projects because they see it as a unsafe investment. Some of the elderly won't be alive to see that nuclear power plant built, and yet they are being forced to pay for something that they won't see one watt of electricity from. Progress Energy going to the PSC for a rate decrease is quite ironic, Progress got their increase when fuel prices were already down, and so was the economy. So why are they cutting rates, because the public is outraged, and with this much outrage, their existence in Florida is in jeopardy. I say nationalize them, and let the people decide what types of energy we want here in Florida. This is the Sunshine State...