Conservatives blast stimulus and other federal expenditures

02/27/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Ten days after President Barack Obama signed the massive $787 billion economic stimulus bill, more than 80 people demonstrated in front of the federal courthouse in Tampa today, registering their displeasure with that and other spending expenditures of the young administration.

The rally was organized by John Hendrix, formerly associated with the Tampa Bay Minutemen, the anti-illegal immigration group. He said protests had been planned, but credited the rant by CNBC anchor Rick Santelli against the Obama administration’s housing bailout plan as spurring interest.

In addition to the stimulus and foreclosure legislation, the Obama administration unveiled a $3-1/2 trillion budget on Thursday, and will also need to address more money on the banking crisis. All in all, the moves have infuriated conservatives, many crying "socialism."

Nancy Estep from Tampa carried a sign that read, “Mad as Hell.” Her main objection is with the foreclosure legislation, but she also has problems with some of highlights of the new budget.

Tampa citizen Tom Gross held aloft a sign that read, “Mainstream Media Stop Pandering and Tell The Truth.” He had issues with the speed with which the stimulus bill was passed in Congress.

Gross also carried with him a flier sent out by his member of Congress, Kathy Castor, a four-color brochure that referenced what the stimulus bill will be able to do for her constituents.

Kevin Wright from Zephryhills wore a T-shirt supporting John McCain. His issues include the $700 billion banking rescue bill passed by Congress and signed by President Bush last September, legislation that was demanded to be signed at that time by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Lutz resident Bob Cunningham blasted what he called pork in the stimulus bill – that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had put $30 million into the bill to benefit an endangered mouse in her district. But according to the truth seeking website, there is no money in the bill for mice.

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