Dick Armey rallies Republicans

03/17/09 Amy Beeman
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A group of enthusiastically exasperated Republicans met Monday in Tampa to hear former conservative congressman Dick Armey speak against what he considers a gross mismanagement of government money by the Obama administration.

The crowd of 150 baby-boomers carried signs of protest reading 'Obama equals child abuse, No socialism- no Obama stimulus, and pay my mortgage."

The crowd chanted as Armey took the stage.

With a Ph.D in economics, he spoke to the audience of flaws he sees in the Obama stimulus plan. Armey spoke of the economic policies of renowned economist John Maynard Keynes, saying it is not the job of government to bail out the private sector.

A major concern of Armey’s was where the money for the stimulus to the economy will come from. He said it is likely citizens will be more heavily taxed down the road and for generations to come.

Armey said he’s certain there will be a national sales tax implemented in the next four years so the government can keep up with its spending.

He said his primary dislike of the Obama stimulus package is that it will effect those who currently have no say in the processes of government, children.

Armey Believes that with out a stimulus package, the market would’ve eventually righted itself, although it would’ve been a longer, slower come back. Still, he said, the American people would’ve been better off in the long run.

He said government backing is ultimately detrimental to the economy, using the failure of government sponsored businesses Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to illustrate the point. Armey said if a company knows it has government backing, it essentially gives them a license to take unwarranted risks.

Armey encouraged the crowd not to be angry, but to be assertive in their mission to stop big government and spending by building a grassroots movement at the local level.

However, the anger of some of the rally’s attendees was evident. One woman, Florence Curley said she has no faith in President Obama, saying he is incompetent and will lead America into socialism.

Still, another man who attended the rally, Kelly Clow, is hopeful the people can work toward stifling further government spending if they continue to come together to protest. He said because those who are responsible for the economic crisis are being rescued, the problem will only compound.

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