Is Florida closer to a vehicle emission standard?

03/25/09 Seán Kinane
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The Florida Senate’s Environmental Preservation Committee unanimously passed a bill yesterday that would require Florida cars to meet strict greenhouse gas emission standards beginning in 2011. But it is uncertain whether the bill will proceed through additional necessary steps in the Senate or the House.

Jerry Karnas, Florida Climate Project Director with Environmental Defense Fund, says it’s important for the Legislature to pass strict vehicle emissions rules.

Karnas thinks the bill could help Florida’s emerging bio-fuels industry. In addition, strong vehicle emission standards are important for consumers, Karnas says, because they will save people money and jumpstart the economy.

Last year Rep. Stan Mayfield was able to rally the state Legislature to unanimously pass an energy bill. But Karnas says things have changed since Rep. Mayfield passed away last fall.

Karnas noted the irony of the automobile industry asking for federal government bailouts at the same time that it spends money to lobby against clean vehicle emission standards in Tallahassee.

Senate bill 1994 on vehicle emissions standards

House bill 1309

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