ANTI-WAR RALLY - Meredith Yeomans


Today in Tampa, a anti-war rally brought out hundreds of adament protesters. Meredith Yeomans has more…

A vocal crowd of about 230 people attended a peace rally on Bayshore Drive in Tampa this morning.

As police officers lined the sidewalks and motorists streamed by with horns blazing, protesters chanted… Que #1 �when do you want it, NOW�

When the chief organizer of the rally, Maricio Rosas, was asked what he intends to accomplish by holding the demonstration, he replied… Que #2 …�we will not stand for it�

He continued with strong opposition to the Bush administration Que #3 …�We are showing our support

One protester, Evan Shiparo, expressed disagreement with those who say that the time to protest has past
Que #4 …�in the Middle East�

Reverend Bruce Wright explained his purpose for coming out today Que #5 …�Jesus ever taught�

He continued speaking about American troops in Iraq Que #6 …�and the oiligarchy�

Reverend Wright demonstrates his knowledge of past events and compares them to events occurring with today. He urges us to learn form them Que #7 …�tool for nationalism�

Another protester, Leo Zinata, reflects on the past and applies it to present times Que #8 …�why 9/11 happened�

A boy, Gavin Morris, was in the crowd and was asked what he thinks about the war Que #9 …�how would you feel�

His mother, Susan Morris, states why she feels it is important to encourage her child to think for himself Que #10 … “his right like anybody else�

One of many University of Tampa students who came to the protest were still indecided on their opinion of the war. A man who Idnetified that although they were anti-war, they WERE for the troops Que #11 …�more people supported it�

A anti-war democrat, John Russell, is also pro-troops Que #12 …�that’s why we’re here today

Timing their protest with the arrival of President Bush in Tampa, the demonstrators found it appropriate to send him off knowing that some of the Tampa population is not happy with his decisions.

For WMNF news, I’m Meredith Yeomans

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