Jamie Bennett defends alleged campaign wrongdoing

05/12/09 Seán Kinane
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St. Petersburg City Council member Jamie Bennett, who is running for Mayor, fired his campaign manager last week. Peter Schorsch was let go by Bennett for distributing a solicitation for campaign contributions in the same folder with two tickets to the City’s suite for a Tampa Bay Rays game. The St. Petersburg Times reported over the weekend that Schorsch alleges that he and Bennett conspired to influence community leaders with free tickets. But Bennett denies knowing that Schorsch included tickets with campaign material. WMNF spoke with Bennett this morning.

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Even if Mr. Bennett is NOT lying. I can't understand what would motivate him to Hire a campaign worker with such a record as Mr. Schorsch has if he didn't intend on running a dirty campaign. The repeated allegations by Mr. Bennett that he had no idea what was going on in his campaign office, makes me wonder how he could be an effective Tampa City Mayor. Statements from Mr. Bennett such as "he often reimbursed Schorsch for campaign expenses without details about what exactly was purchased." lets me know how my tax dollars would be carefully spent. I thank the WMNF news team for thier attention to this issue, I would probably not have known about this issue if it wasn't for thier news coverage. Keep up the great work!