Bud Chiles launches advocacy group

05/13/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Last night on the Evening News, you heard Bud Chiles – the son of former Governor Lawton Chiles – trash Charlie Crist’s bid for U.S. Senate.

Chiles said he’s contemplating a run for Governor himself. One reason for his bitterness is the Governor’s draining of $700 million dollars from the Lawton Chiles Endowment, an annuity that funds programs for kids and seniors. In the 2nd part of our interview, Bud Chiles details what Crist and Florida lawmakers have done with the fund.

Bud Chiles

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Bud Chiles

Increasing the prison budget and reducing the allocation for Florida's Foster Children just seems like a backwards vision to me. Governor Crist has made little effort to focus on Florida's future, when it comes to children's issues especially. Rhea G Chiles