Should The Embargo Against Cuba Be Lifted?

05/13/09 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up today: two local residents who are critics of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba and who say that local government bodies should be doing more to establish relations with Cuba.

But first some listener comments about yesterday's program which featured two interviews- one with the author of a book that is critical of the libertarian philosophy and yesterday we also heard from representatives of the group Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Here's what some listeners had to say.

Last month the Port of Tampa decided not to send a delegation to Cuba to discuss enhanced trade opportunities between Havana and Tampa. Last month at a Tampa Port Authority meeting former car dealer Carl Lindell, a port authority member, wanted to meet with Cuban officials to promote trade through Tampa's port. But fellow port commissioners decided not to go along with his idea. Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio was quoted by the St. Petersburg Times as saying "It's national strategy, not a local strategy and that it's in capable hands with our president and will probably ultimately lead to open trade."

But our next two guests disagree- saying that Tampa's historically close relationship with the port of Havana could benefit both countries and that Tampa needs to quickly get in line before it loses out to competition from other Gulf Coast cites. Our guests are Al Fox, a former Washington lobbyist and congressional candidate. He's the president of the Alliance For Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation (813 623 3312) and Henry Mendoza (813 453 2822)grew up in Cuba, he now runs a travel agency in Tampa.

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