Lutz man tries to get out of military by claiming Obama not a citizen

07/23/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

The Tampa Tribune reported this morning that a federal judge in Tampa this morning denied a request to order the rehiring of a Lutz Army reservist Stefan Frederick Cook. Cook claims he was fired from his job after fighting his deployment to Afghanistan on the grounds President Barack Obama is not an American citizen.

U.S. District Judge Richard Lazzara said he threw out the case because Cook’s petition did not comply with local court rules, as it was not accompanied by a complaint.

Cook had argued that his private employer, military contractor Simtech Corporation of Odessa, was pressured by the Department of Defense to fire him after he went public with his claims against the president.

Cook has been represented legally by Orly Taitz, a California-based attorney who boasts that she is also representing dozens of other members of the military who are similarly refusing to deploy overseas by questioning the citizenship of Barack Obama.

Politifact.Com, among other fact checking sources, says that Obama’s birth certificate, which shows he was born in Hawaii and is thus an American citizen, is legitimate.

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Mr. Cook ain’t no soldier…

Oh come on Mitch… Mr. Cook ain’t no soldier… Major Cook is an “Officer and a Gentleman”… someone who commands soldiers. And I believe the Major volunteered for this tour of duty in May of this year… so what’s changed in 3 months??? As an Officer in the Reserves doesn’t the Major have the option to bail on his voluntary commitment up until the date of his going active??? Also… as a “leader of men”… does his petition not to be deployed (due to the ineligibility of our Commander in Chief) include the deployments of all the SOLDIERS under the Majors command??? If not… then it sounds like the only butt the Major wants to save is his own. For the protection of our troops Mr. Cook needs to stay in Lutz… who knows… it might prevent a “friendly fire” incident... or maybe a coup d’état (something for the conspiracy buffs).

Mr. Cook ain’t no soldier... but he might be rig

Hay… Major Cook!!! Did you see this??? I might owe you an apology!!!

No apology for you today...

Never mind...


Looks fake to me. Anybody, especially the government, can manufacture a forged document. I want to see the serial numbers preceding and following and meet those people and verify that they were born on the same day as Osama.

It’s the work of Free Masons...

Well, don't hold back Clifford... tell me what you think about the Zapruder film and the lunar landing... but not before you tell me about Area 51 first.


don't tell me you were convinced by a single forged document and a stern rebuke from the appointed one. I wish all the sheep were as easy as you! :)

clifford & glenn

two morons

Clifford and Glenn

They may be morons but I can call them Clifford and Glenn. You are simply referred to as the peanut gallery.