Intentional Communities & Home Share Tampa Bay

07/27/09 Jon Butts
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A St. Petersburg resident looking for a healthier and less expensive way of life without taking on too much, started her quest to find an Intentional Community. Barbara talked about visiting The Farm Community in Tennessee, and the wonderful time she spent there.

Next up, Sandy Herskowitz, with Pinellas County's Home Share Program joined the program to talk about home providers & seekers involved in their program. The program has quickly expanded without any extra funding, and sounds like it's really an important service in need of resources.

Our last guest, Jon Dengler, is the founder of Lake House Community in Tampa. This student Christian-based, inner-city community is open to others, especially the poor. Jon's very committed to his community efforts and has invited us all to visit.

An IC (Intentional Community)is a group of people who have chosen to live or work together in pursuit of a common ideal or vision (Communities Directory). Your host is also involved in Ecofarmfl Community near Plant City.

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