Kathy Castor sympathizes with the Blue Dogs

07/28/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

There are 7 Blue Dog Democrats on the on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who have threatened to block the health care legislation being discussed. They met this morning with the rest of the 52 member Blue Dog coalition.

They were discussing the latest offer from the Committee Chair, California Representative Henry Waxman.

Waxman and Mike Ross from Arkansas, the Chairman of the Blue Dogs, emerged from more than three hours of negotiations late yesterday to say that the Blue Dogs were weighing an offer from Waxman. Blue Dogs have asked Waxman to get a cost estimate for the bill.

The Blue Dogs – mostly conservative Democrats, many from the South - have expressed a range of concerns about the proposed legislation. The committee's drafting session has been postponed for a week while Waxman negotiates with them.

Tampa area Democrat Kathy Castor sits on the Energy & Commerce Committee. She spoke to WMNF late last week about her colleagues.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee has yet to vote on a health care proposal.

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