The Politics Of Drawing Congressional And Legislative Districts

07/28/09 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity program. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up we’ll hear from the leader of an effort to take the politics out of drawing legislative and Congressional districts here in Florida. But first one listener comment about last Thursday’s program on which we talked about the Canadian health insurance system and whether it should be a model for American health care insurance.

A group called Fair Districts Florida is leading a bi-partisan petition drive to place two Florida constitutional amendments (one for legislative districts and one for Congressional districts) to define rules for redistricting on the November 2010 ballot. With Florida’s growth in population the last ten years, as many as two new Congressional seats are expected to be awarded to Florida. How those districts are drawn will be a huge issue in the coming years.

While most Florida voters are registered either as Democrats, Independents or members of third parties, the Republican Party controls the majority of seats in Florida’s Congressional delegation along with both houses of the state legislature.

Our guest is Ellen Freidin who is campaign chair for Fair Districts Florida.

A map of Florida’s gerrymandered districts can be found at

Ellen Freidin will be speaking in Sarasota this Wednesday at 7PM at Holey hall in Downtown Sarasota. For more information, see or 941 349-8350.

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