Kendrick Meek on rowdy Town Halls

08/05/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Democratic Members of House convened today for a conference call to discuss strategy for dealing with potentially hostile crowds at town hall meetings they will be hosting this month regarding health care.

The highly-publicized angry encounters endured by Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett, in which both were shouted down at town Halls over the weekend, have concerned Democrats and even some Republicans in recent days.

Arizona Senator John McCain tweeted this morning to his followers that Town Hall meetings are an American tradition, and said that everybody should be allowed to express their views without disruptions, even if they disagree.

But it’s unclear if other Republicans got the tweet. The Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party wrote in a blog post that, “One's person's mob is another person's concerned citizen's group.”

President Obama signed his name to an email sent to supporters, asking them to attend at least one Town Hall Meeting this month to "fight lies with truth and set the record straight."

In a new CNN Poll, more people who opposed President Obama’s plans for health care reform say they’ll attend a town hall meeting than those who say they support an overhaul of the system.

Kendrick Meek represents the Miami area in the House of Representatives, and is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate next year. Meek is in Tampa this evening, opening up a new campaign office. He said he was not able to participate in today’s Democratic Caucus conference call, but had his own thoughts on critics trying to take over Town Hall Meetings.

Kendrick Meek’s new Tampa office is located at 2942 West Columbus Drive Suite 103. He’ll be there until 7:30 this evening.

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