The Tampa912 Conservative Movement

08/19/09 Robert Lorei
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Earlier this month in Ybor City, protesters disrupted a town hall meeting on health care hosted by state Rep. Betty Reed. The protesters were organized in large part by Tampa912 - a group which draws its inspiration from talk radio host Glenn Beck. The protesters say the meeting was more of a pep rally and not a true town hall. Our guest on today's program is one of the leaders of Tampa912- Tim Curtis.

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I'm an American living in Montreal, Canada since 2002. I've been very surprised by some of the arguments against the proposed healthcare reform that I've heard on Radioactivity, but none more so than some of the reasons presented by your guest Tim Curtis on the 18 august edition. He repeated some figures from the WHO about infant mortality rates and life expectancy. While life expectancy overall in the US is lower than most other developped countries, he stated that life expectancy for those over 40 was the same as most other nations and over 80 was better than any other country. I was glad to hear you suggest that this meant US Medicare was very good care. However, what I heard from Tim Curtis was that, perhaps, the lives of some young people aren't as valuable as older people. After all, he also argued that some people don't deserve health insurance, but that veterans and over 65 citizens do. I'm assuming this means that young people who haven't been able to get a career going that provides them with insurance or the income to afford insurance are one group that doesn't deserve to be protected at all. Much has been made about the insurance lobby fighting change and conservative groups fighting change on principle, but I think we need to recognize a certain anti-youth aspect in our culture as well. Perhaps stemming from a belief that many under-40s and especially under 30s are irresponsible and immoral. Another argument from Tim Curtis that made me wince was that Medicare couldn't be expanded because it wouldn't be able to absorb the added load. Of course it can't handle 47 million more people over's not designed to. The legislation would, hopefully, fund the expansion of Medicare to deliver the same care to this larger group. Mr Curtis' argument was as ignorant as arguing against Medicare in 1965 by saying that it didn't exist and therfore, couldn't provide care to anyone. Lastly, another thing I would like to hear is more people refering to the number of people already enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. In 2007, 43 million Americans were in Medicare and 49 million are in Medicaid. This means that the government administered systems, which groups like 9/12, are happy with, are already covered twice the number of uninsured Americans. I think if our government can handle 92 million seniors, disabled and poor, another 47 million working poor shouldn't be too hard to handle.

Healthcare reform

I don't understand the mentality of those that support the war in Irak and Afghanistan, but are against the healthcare reform. Wouldn't the money spent in the last 6 years on war have given medical coverage to every single American and US resident? Which are our priorities? We already know that Busch took us into a war with false pretenses. And now Afghanistan which apparently is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. The US is giving millions of Dollars to support the leaders of those countries, but we don't have the money to give basic health care to our citizens? I've heard that health care in the US ranks in 39th place, comparable to Costa Rica (I think, if memory doesn't fail). And some American citizens still go wild and crazy when it comes to healthcare reform opposing it like if somebody would take their future away? I have been living in the US for the last 20 years. Pay all of my taxes. My car is insured and so is my house. But nobody in my family has health insurance because we simply can't afford it. So, again, war yes, universal health care no? This is beyond my comprehension. Lizzy