Tampa City Council not pleased with handling of debris pick-up

09/03/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Several Tampa City Council members expressed dismay today upon learning of the amount of money being spent on landfills in the city of Tampa.

Currently, Tampa residents can take their yard waste to two sites in the city: the Manhattan Brush site in South Tampa, or the McKay Bay Transfer Station near Ybor City. The city then contracts to have that waste deposited at a 3rd landfill operated by Hillsborough County, off Falkenberg Road.

But two business proprietors who spoke this morning piqued some Council members interest by suggesting that perhaps the system is currently flawed.

Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena suggested to city officials that they should make a change in their system.

But Steve Dagnault, the city’s Public Works and Utilities Administrator, said bids for a new contractor to take over transport of debris at the waste sites won’t happen until next spring, causing Saul-Sena to interrupt.

When it was revealed that the same contractors have been on the job since 2001, several Councilmembers appeared irked, such as Joseph Catano.

City Attorney Chip Fletcher admitted there were problems with bidding out the contract in the past, calling it complicated due to truck sizes, mileage and fuel costs.

Dagnault said the last contract was awarded for three years back in December of 2008, but the city has opted to re-open the bidding process early next year.

The City then voted to have city staff return back to the Council in January on the status of bids from a new contractor taking over the transportation of the city’s debris.

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