Charlie Crist hits the morning cable news

09/29/09 Seán Kinane
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Governor Charlie Crist made the rounds of the cable news programs this morning . He was asked about his run for Senate, the primary battle he faces against a more conservative opponent, Marco Rubio, federal spending, and a comment he made last week. At a Republican leadership conference in Michigan on Friday, Crist predicted that President Barack Obama could lose his bid for re-election in 2012 just like Jimmy Carter did to Ronald Reagan in 1980. Today, CNN asked Crist to clarify.

On MSNBC, Patrick Buchanan asked Governor Crist about the strategy some are suggesting that in order for the Republican Party to make electoral gains it should dump social conservatives like the Christian Coalition and focus more on mainstream economic conservatives.

On three different channels, Crist touted his attempt at a statewide health care program. He told the Fox News Channel that Cover Florida is a program that does not include deficits or mandates.

But unlike Fox News, CNN asked Crist why only 3700 Floridians have signed up for Cover Florida if the governor is pointing out how good it is.

Crist responded, "Well, the more people who learn about it, I think the more will sign up for it. It's now over 4,000 as a matter of fact."

Cover Florida

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