When health insurance is not enough to cover medical costs

09/30/09 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today we’ll hear from some free speech activists who are concerned that the City of St. Petersburg is giving control of a downtown sidewalk to a private company…. But first we’ll meet some local people who are facing a crisis because their health insurance benefits have run out. Lane DeGregory is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the St. Petersburg Times. She's joined by photographer John Pendergraft.

Many Americans struggle even though they have health insurance coverage. What happens to the people whose benefits run out or whose benefits don’t cover their bills? That’s the subject of a series of articles that DeGregory has written for the Times.

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Next we'll hear some sound from the "Sick for Profit" web site which was created by film maker Robert Greenwald. It showcases people who have similar experiences with inadequate health insurance coverage. In particular we'll hear about a Bay area couple:

Steve Coddington's story of fighting insurance giant Cigna to get crucial care for his wife.

The Florida resident's battle was featured in a story by http://sickforprofit.com, illustrating an unconscionable denial of care by Cigna.


In the sickforprofit piece, Steve talks about his wife Marian's horrific struggle to overcome four hemorrhages from a brain aneurysm and Cigna's repeated denials of intensive inpatient therapy recommended by more than 25 doctors and therapists.

To learn more about the Coddingtons' efforts to overcome this catastrophe, read their story on http://savestevesfamily.blogspot.com/. This blog was created by a group of Steve's Florida friends to help raise money for Marian to get the therapy and assistance devices she needs to recover.

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