Broward County murder will not be tried as hate crime

10/16/09 Lisa Marzilli
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Craig Cohen was walking home from a local diner in Oakland Park, just north of Fort Lauderdale, last April when he was attacked by a group of men. He was pushed to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head until his skull was crushed. Cohen spent the next six months in a brain damaged coma and died Oct. 7th, never having regained consciousness. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said this week it will not investigate his death as a hate crime, despite requests from the man’s friends and gay rights activists.

Craig Cohen was 47 years old and openly gay. And he was not the only person attacked on April 6th. A few minutes after Cohen’s attack and less than two miles away, 27 year old David Villanova was beaten and robbed by the same men. He survived his attack. He is also openly gay.

Two suspects were arrested in May in connection with the crimes. A third, just 18 years old, was arrested this week, charged with robbery and murder. But Cohen’s friends and family say the charges aren’t tough enough. So does Scott Hall, founder and president of Gay American Heroes, a foundation that honors the victims of hate crimes and also seeks to educate the public about a problem that Hall says claims an LGBT life every nine days. Hall said he appreciates Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti’s ongoing support of the gay community, but believes the motive behind Cohen’s murder was hate, not robbery.

Cmdr. Rick Wierzbicki is with the Broward Sheriff’s Office and is Chief of the Hate Crimes/Anti Bias Task Force. When asked why Cohen’s personal effects weren’t stolen by the suspects, Wierzbicki said it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

Wierzbicki said it was a lack of evidence that prevented them from classifying the attacks on Cohen and Villanova as hate crimes.

As brutal a crime as this was, Wierzbicki said the facts of the case did not fit the criteria laid out in the hate crime statute.

Scott Hall says the Sheriff’s Dept. needs to be pressured to reevaluate the case because if the brutal beating of Cohen can’t be classified as a hate crime then maybe it’s time to rewrite the statute.

Statistically, Broward County has the highest recorded number of hate crimes in the state. WMNF asked Cmdr. Wierzbicki why he thinks that is.

Cmdr. Wierzbicki said that now that Cohen has died, the charges against 21 yr. old Victor Gonzalez, 25 yr. old Pargu Leandro and 18 yr. Chad Olah will be the stiffest that can be levied, with or without a hate crime classification: that of 1st degree murder.

Cohen’s friends have established a fund that aims to help the other victims in crimes such as Cohen’s: the pets who are left behind. At the time of the attack Cohen shared his life with a dog named Eddie and 5 indoor cats, who Scott Hall said might have had to be euthanized, were it not for the “Craig Cohen Animal Advocacy Project”. The CCAAP is part of “The Pet Project” which helps people living with HIV/AIDS keep their pets by providing care and support. Although still a developing initiative, CCAAP found caring homes for all of Cohen’s cats and Eddie was adopted by a neighbor. To learn more about The Craig Cohen Animal Advocacy Project go to For information about the Gay American Heroes Foundation visit

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what a horror!

reading that story was heart wrenching. r.i.p. craig. i hope the devils who did this are awarded the stiffest penalty and suffer suffer suffer!!!!



Not a Hate Crime

Chad Olah is what BSO used to appease the communitys pressure for the hate crime statute, he had nothing to do with the crime. In court the other day over and over it was Leandro and Gonzalez that commited the horrible acts against mr> Cohen If you are the TRUTH radio you should have got the truth outside BSO and from the Lack of evidence against Mr. Olah It was the demands that pushed BSO to arrest a white child to serve up to the media masses so you all can be happy while the real killers sit back and dont even cratch the surafce when they are ADMITTEDLY the ones who attacked Mr. Cohen Prayers to MR. Cohens family and Friends and Prayers for Chad Olah the political poster child for a crime committed by others