The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

11/04/09 Robert Lorei
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Next Monday marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It marked the end of the long Cold War and the beginning of the end of tensions that had lasted for almost 40 years.

Our guest is Friedemann Bushbeck, who grew up in Dresden, East Germany. As a 27 year old he experienced the opening of the East German borders and the fall of that country's Soviet-allied government. Bushbeck now lives and works in the US, although he still has family in Germany.

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Dear Rob, Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you and your professional hosting. I could not find the show from today but I hope tomorrow it is on your site. You ask several times about the Stasi practices in the movie and I would say it was an rare situation and dramatized for the movie. In my daily live I saw the stasi visiting peace rallys etc. but I did not really fear them. I always spoke out about my opposition to our regime. Leaders of the opposition knew if you get arrested where was a good chance West Germany would buy you free, as they often did with political prisoners. At the end of the GDR we had an intense prisoner exchange of all kinds for hard currency. That was a way how some people found there way in the west. Hopfully at some other time is a chance to talke with you again. Thanks, Friedemann