Palestinians resist occupation with education

12/04/09 Doris Norrito
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In 1987, all university facilities in the Palestinian territories were closed by Israeli military order. They were reopened in 1991, but occupation continues to impact the education of Palestinian students.

Throughout its closure, the An-Najah University administration remained committed to provide students with an education. The school is located in the large ancient city of Nablus in the northern section of the occupied West Bank.

Acting director of Public Relations Ala Yousef talked about how students and faculty dealt with the closure.

Still under occupation, difficulties remain. Walls, checkpoints, curfews and night raids challenge students attending classes. Yousef says Palestinian schools still face hardships today. He says education offers the only hope for young Palestinians deprived of the freedoms enjoyed by peoples not suffering under the yoke of occupation.

The motto of An-Najah National University encapsulates its philosophy: “We challenge the present to shape the future.”

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