Sustainable Thanks!

12/28/09 Jon Butts
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Today’s program was a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that made this program and station possible, and the guests that joined the Sustainable Living Program over the past year. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Some of my favorite programs this year were: Feb 9, Chris Martenson on his ‘Crash Course’; Feb 23, Paul Zamoda with Tampa Bay Rare Fruit Council; April 20, Jim Kovaleski on Urban Permaculture; May 4 with Daniel and Doug on Solar Hot Water Systems; July 29 on Intentional Community; Oct 19 with Bill McKibben and Warren Clark on; Nov 30 with our local Electrathon group; and the last one Dec 14 with Greg David on backyard Synthetic Gas generators. A little personal news from here at Ecofarm; our inverter failed last month on our 3.7 KW grid-connect solar system after close to 4 years of service. It was still under warranty (5 years), and after 3 tries SMU Sunny Boy of American sent us a reconditioned replacement. 18,612 KWH was the total power produced or we’re producing about 400 KWH a month. In 2005, when we bought the solar modules, they were selling for around $4 a watt, and in 2006 the State of Florida started a $4 per watt rebate program for installed solar intertie systems. This month I noticed modules advertized for an unbelievable 98 cents a watt, and we purchased another 3KW of panels for another system--hopefully to be installed early next year. I just want to mention some new faces at Ecofarm Community: Rebecca the Beekeeper and Barry the Jokester. Also, I’m just finishing up the book “Two Billion Cars” by Daniel Sperling & Deborah Gordon, recommended by one of our listeners. The failing economy has hit us hard, as it has most, but hopefully we’ll bleed our corporate, capitalist, consumer-based government dry and then finally see the way to a more sustainable, caring, human and Earth-friendly society. PEACE!!

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